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tv   Journal  PBS  July 29, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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you are watching the "journal" on dw-tv. the headlines this hour, the first victims of the massacre in norway are laid at arrest amid more questions for the killer. u.s. president barack obama makes an appeal for compromise in america's debt ceiling debate. and a new investigation claims that polish pilots are mostly to blame for the crash that killed president lech sheet kaczynski -- like kaczynski. it was a second day of
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grilling for anders breivik, the norwegian man who admitted to killing 77 people last week. prosecutors have appointed to psychiatrists to assess the mental health of the 32-year- old and determine if he is criminally responsible. flags flew at half mast in our way friday as the first funerals were held for the victims of the attacks. >> one week after the attacks, mourners continue to leave flowers in central oslo. the first of the funerals has been held near the capital. the ceremony included both christian and moslem prayers. this 18-year-old, the daughter of kurdish immigrants, was spending her holidays at the youth camp on the utoeya island. the prime minister urged norway to show unity in the face of its deadliest peacetime assault.
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the self confessed killer, 32- year-old anders breivik, has undergone further questioning. his lawyer said he had intended to carry out more attacks last friday but apparently changed his plans. the shooting rampage on at utoeya island became his final act of violence. most of the victims were teenagers. at that has been a harrowing time for the survivors. >> i am starting to smile at a bit now. >> we will never forget this. but we will also bring something good, i think. in some time, i hope it will be
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a place for youngsters again. at that authorities have identified all of the victims, but it is likely to be a long time before the survivors find a sense of closure. when you fail the first time, try again, that is what republicans are doing in the u.s. house this friday. after yesterday's sudden decision to postpone the vote on legislation to raise the debt ceiling, members of the house are once again debating the republican plan and the hopes of voting on it today. they held a caucus earlier today to round up enough votes to pass the plan. john boehner has reportedly modified the plan, trying to push congress to approve the balanced budget amendment to the constitution. the action this week has been in the u.s. house. the players, republican lawmakers led by struggling john boehner. u.s. president obama has been on the sidelines for the most part.
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friday, he called on congress to produce a plan that both the house and senate would pass. >> there are a lot of crises in the world we cannot always predict it. it pertains, earthquakes, tornadoes, terrorist attacks. this is not one of those crises. the power to solve this is in our hands. on a day when we have been reminded how fragile the economy already is, this is one burden we can lift ourselves. we can end it with a simple vote, a vote that republicans and democrats have been taking for decades, a vote that the leaders in congress have taken for decades. it is not a vote that allows congress to spend more money. raising the debt ceiling simply gives our country the ability to pay the bills that congress has already racked up. i want to emphasize that. let's go to our washington
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correspondent, who is watching this, as he has been all week. the implosion that we saw thursday evening, cuddling of republicans today, does this show the republicans are at war with itself right now? >> i would not call it a war with itself, but there is definitely a big divide between the classic dealmakers, the moderate republicans, and the freshman tea party members. they are quite numerous. they want to cut spending and massive weight and balance the budget. house republicans passed a deal only a week ago that included those two things. massive spending and a balanced budget amendment, but the senate, which is a majority democratic, would need to take that up. house speaker boehner took the amendment out. that is not even getting through the house. what they are discussing right
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now is put it back in at some point. >> a little bit of a yo-yo effect. house speaker boehner has been in charge through this, particularly this week. is charged is to craft legislation the house will accept. so far he looks like a failure, does he not? >> his reputation has taken a big hit this week, no doubt about that. the momentum is shifting from the house, led by the republicans, to the senate, led by the democrats. they are drafting their own legislation, trying to push that through. i have outlined a plan to push that through, including a 1:00 a.m. morning's vote on sunday. you cannot really trust that confirmation at the moment until it has happened. as for the president, he is on the sidelines at the moment. many people are criticizing him, not doing enough. work. this whole thing is not making anybody look good. >> and not giving people much
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time to sleep. we know where you will be sunday morning at 1:00. thank you. wow, they will be burning the the night oil. >> let's turn to corporate news. german companies reporting strong earnings. continental has raised its full- year sales forecast after profits doubled, 700 million euros and for six months. long-term prospects are good because the german government wants to see 1 million electric cars on the road by 2020. the traditional car companies are turning to companies like continental, which are up to speed on electric vehicles. >> here at the and the northern german town, the pilot engines are coming off the production line. but in just a few weeks, mass production is set to begin. at 60,000 electric engines will be produced.
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the time when continental was purely a tire company is long gone. now the firm makes everything from electronic components to hybrid engines. >> for years, we have been researching the electric cars. we think we can play a leading role in the parts supplier market. >> weighing in at 65 kilos, the continental electric engine it is considerably lighter than a comparable combusted engine and packs of 290 horsepower. the engine operates on the principle that a magnetic field causes a rotary blade it to spin. unlike its rivals, the company uses purely electric magnets. this means continental does not have to rely on rare earth elements, good news as the price has shot up in the past few months. >> we consider ourselves to be a
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supplier. our knowledge covers the whole spectrum, from the electric engines to the batteries. of course we are very happy when a customer buys the whole system, but there is no issue with just buying individual components. >> while competitors like bausch and siemens are looking for tieups with major automakers, continental is producing a range of products, including engines, transmissions, and batteries. the experts say it is still not clear which strategy will prevail. >> there are good chances that a strategy like the one that continental is pursuing will be successful. it is about thoreau integration of system components. some car makers will definitely welcome its system solution at a time when it cannot forecast the number of units needed. >> one major auto maker reported
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to have gone for the continental option is renault. the french company plans to launch a car with the continental and electric engine. a german specialty gas and electric group is headed for another record deal. at first half figures show a jump in net profit, 27%, from the same time last year, five and a 66 million euros. -- 56 6 million euros. electrical engineering in asia and steel manufacturing, but they're still sticking with their cost-cutting programs. eads says its earnings for the first six months of the year are down about 40%. mostly due to a onetime charge because of the strong europe. eads is the parent company of airbus, and strong sales of jets helped offset the loss. the company has booked record
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purchases of its 8-320 jet, a more fuel-efficient version of the earlier model -- a-320 jets. markets remain on edge amid fears that the u.s. will go into default, adding to their biggest weekly loss in almost a year. the benchmark dax index lost almost 0.5%. it euro stoxx 50 post to 1% -- but dropped 1%. the dow jones industrials also closed in negative territory. the currency markets, the euro is trading at $1.4371. the u.s. debt crisis is pushing gold prices higher. they hit records in recent days as a safe haven for cash. the goodness for gold producing countries like south africa. but now goldminers have gone out on strike. >> work at four of south
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africa's biggest gold mines has come to a grinding halt. 250,000 miners are demanding a wage increase. >> we cannot survive on that wage. >> miners and south africa's coal pits are also calling for higher pay, but mine operators are only offering half of what the striking workers are asking for. still, they vow to continue the strike until their demands are met. thank you, monica. turkey's top four military officers have stepped down amid rising tension from the rest -- from the arrest of dozens of officers plotting to overthrow the government. they include commanders of the navy, army, and air force. the move comes hours after a court charged 22 suspects of carrying out an internet
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campaign against the government. tensions have run recently between military leaders and the predominantly islamic government of the prime minister. french investigators say the 2009 crash of an air france jet into the like it was probably because of faulty instruments and the pilot's lack of training. investigators say data from the flight recorders sure the pilots did not recognize a stall situation. even though the alarm sounded for nearly a minute. the aircraft's speed sensors and all the public system also malfunctioned. air france maintains the crew was not to blame. the flight took off from rio de janeiro and crashed on its way to paris, killing all on board. the polls during most of the blame for the death of the president, lech kaczynski, the finding of a new investigation into the plane crash in russia that claimed the president's life. this is a shock to poland.
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ever since the crash, many have blamed russian air traffic controllers for the accident. freda, poland's defense minister resigned, the first major fallout of the investigation -- friday, poland's defense minister resigned. >> the report said the aircraft had inadequate training and ignored crucial safety regulations. the disaster in april, 2010, shook poland to the core. it claimed the lives of president lech kaczynski, his wife, maria, and many others, including political elite. >> the crew had to few training flights, used the wrong attitude instruments. that was perhaps their biggest mistake. it was also wrong to rely on the autopilot. that all lead to disaster. >> the report also places a partial blame on russian air- traffic controllers to give the pilots the wrong orders. that said the airport had inadequate lighting for faulty
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conditions. the opposition contends the government hoped moscow cover-up the full truth of the disaster. >> the prime minister did not try to put poland in charge of the investigation. he was not able to descend -- he was not able to defend polish interests and polish honor on the international stage. >> the tragedy united public only for a short time. that disagreement played a major role in the parliamentary elections. a u.n. tribunal has released the names of four suspects wanted for the killing of the former lebanese president back into the five. the members of the shiite military movement hezbollah, which has consistently denied involvement in the killings, but has yet to react to the tribunal's announcement. the whereabouts of the suspects remain unknown. the legendary german soccer star is the new head coach of
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team usa. he won a world cup as a player into the six and that the german national team to a third-place finish. -- in 2006 and helped guide the german national team to a third- place finish. >> germany celebrated their third-place finish on home soil. in his two years as germany's coach, he introduced and refined a dynamic style of soccer that proved effective on the pitch, while exciting the fans. his unconventional training methods drew duration initially. they have since become standard practice. into the senate, he took the head of munich, the winning side in the bundesliga -- in 2006, he took the head of munich, the winning side and the bundesliga, but he cannot see how identify with the management. ahe was sacked with five games left in the season.
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he is now the head coach of a steadily improving u.s. team and he will have to hit the ground running. they play archrival mexico in less than two weeks. stay with me. i will be back in one minute to talk about more soccer.
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welcome back. nobody doubts their ability to play soccer, but concerns are being raised about brazil's readiness to stage the 2014 soccer world cup. however great the football fever may be, a successful tournament needs stadiums, roads, hotels, airports. soccer's world governing body for the award at the world cup to brazil five years ago. the entire country celebrated. but then reality set in. the infrastructure was not up to speed. not one of the stadium's fulfilled fifa's criteria. security is another headache and airports and public transportation are not able to cope with the expected flood of visitors.
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many venues had be built from scratch or undergo complete renovation. preparing for the tournament has become brazil's national task, and there is plenty still to be done. >> rio de janeiro in september, 2009. a prominent politicians at a barbecue hosted by the city's mayor. brazil had already won the right to host the 2014 soccer finals, but rio was also angling for the 2016 summer olympics. a month later, they got the nod. rio and brazil were on the way to becoming synonymous with international sports. >> building an organizing with red infrastructure, hotels and airports and so on. there is a lot to do. >> today, those words remain as truly as ever. but with three years to go until the opening whistle, how have been the preparations?
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football legend's meeting with young investors. will brazil managed to stage two of the world's biggest international sporting events in rapid succession? some are sounding the alarm. >> all around the world, airports are beautiful. landed in sao paulo or rio make shoe exchange -- makes you a shame to. >> and a recent visit to the rio airport, terminal no. 1 was clogged by long lines of passengers waiting to fly fewer of the staff to speak good english. reliable information is almost impossible to come by. >> this is vacation time in brazil. imagine what it will be like when the world cup comes. it will be chaos. about the outside, more of the same. too many people, to build cars,
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too little space. officials estimate 3.6 million sports fans will be jetting around brazil in 2014. even today, the airport demands a lot of patience. when that runs out, people just park wherever they can. >> i usually leave at least an hour to find a parking space. bu>> but there are few alternatives for travelers who do not want to drive to the airport. >> there is no train, no metro, no public transportation at all. it is hard to reach the airport in rio. >> the plan is to complete any modernize 13 airports by 2014, but experts say nine of those airports will not be ready that fast. if it is to improve brazil's roads and highways, the other hand, often involve a radical reshaping of the landscape. this person is on his way to
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what used to be his village. there were hundreds of homes. but figures came in cleared of all away. a board decreed it was illegal, but it was too late for the village. at his house is still standing, but it is no longer locked -- it is no longer habitable. >> the president and the governor had tears of joy in their eyes, but i cannot share the sentiment. it worried me, though i never thought it would be this bad. with the olympics and the world cup, the poor are paying the price. >> this is special, as it is home to one of the coldest areas in rio. -- oldest area in rio. the authorities have no tolerance for crime. it will be full of football fans in 2014.
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the police have pacified the neighborhoods where tourists are expected. >> we are taking back areas that were in the hands of criminals and handing them to the residence. we will continue with that. not just because of the global sports events. >> brazil is already fighting the drug gangs. but it is also struggling to get it stadiums up to par. this was once a showpiece aria. at one time, the biggest in the world. it has already posted a world cup final. but the whole structure needs rebuilding at lightning speed. >> hard going, and it has to happen fast, like building an airplane in flight. but it does have advantages. we have to plan exactly and we learned quickly as well. it will help raise the arena to an international level.
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>> one man who knows brazil's stadium well as the german architect and rio resident on the left. the firm he works for is the challenge of building new stadiums. >> the brazilian mentality, historically speaking, is based on subjectivity, when people in small groups. on micro level structure and the small companies. after that comes relatively complicated web of relationships. it is like a house of cards. all of these relationships have to come together. you need time for it. >> to see how true the observations are, look no further than sao paulo. at the latin american business hub only recently came into the top podium. the city elders have driven every major idea into the ground.
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as being either too bureaucratic or too amateurish. >> first of all, there was a plan to renovate the existing stadium. there were endless debates. after a year of talking, we realized it was not going to work. then fifa and the city authorities decided to build a new stadium. at that even after the session, the work on the progressed to digging the foundation. none of the construction work has begun in earnest. it is not clear when the whole procedure will come to fruition. one thing is certain, the town next door will be sacrificed for the sake of the new stadium. in brazil, haste sometimes follows hesitation. >> the situation has gotten worse lately. the planners take photos, but no one talks to us. not one of us has been a new place to live.
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>> back in rio, with visitor numbers high, the pressure on accommodation is intense. the city has 25,000 hotel rooms, but fifa wants at least 40,000 for the world cup. >> it is possible there will be a lack of accommodation, but the city has a plan b. rio could riotwo cruise ships -- rio could lease two cruise ships to have enough rooms. >> the show goes on, the marketing regime closing of the rough edges. >> there is a big difference. it is there a difference? i think not. >> 1 grizzlies and proverb says there is always a solution to every problem, rigid one brazilian proverb says there is and always a solution to every problem, but that remains to be
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seen if that is true for 2014. >> time will tell. that is our in-depth report. thank you for watching and have a good weekend, everybody. captioned by the national captioning institute
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